Judge cautions lawyers to watch language in abortion case


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – A judge has cautioned lawyers to watch their language when responding to a lawsuit challenging two Kentucky laws aimed at restricting abortion.

U.S. District Judge David J. Hale set a Friday hearing on a preliminary injunction motion requested by attorneys for the only abortion clinic in Kentucky. The clinic’s attorneys argue both laws are unconstitutional. Attorneys for Gov. Matt Bevin are defending the laws.

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In setting the hearing, Hale cautioned lawyers to “avoid intemperate language” in pre-hearing documents.

He didn’t state why he urged attorneys to watch their language.

In one court filing, the state’s attorneys said doctors must be viewed “as healers, not enablers and practitioners of eugenics.” Eugenics is a belief that the human race can be improved through controlled breeding.

The judge has temporarily blocked enforcement of both laws passed by the Republican-dominated legislature and signed by Bevin.