Elderly man accused of selling drugs and promoting prostitution


PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office says a man has been arrested after selling drugs, and promoting prostitution to an undercover deputy.

The sheriff’s office says 73-year-old Sammy Akers was arrested as part of an investigation by the narcotics division of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

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Deputies say Akers was trafficking in prescription pills from his home. Aker’s met up with an undercover deputy and sold him 10 Hydrocodone. During the transaction, Aker’s asked the deputy if he would be interested in prostitutes, saying he could pay $150 for sex.

On March 15, Aker’s contacted the undercover deputy about buying more Hydrocodone and that he could arrange for the deputy to have sex with a woman for $100.

Aker’s then contacted a woman and made an agreement to meet at a hotel. Aker’s asked the woman for a second woman for a friend of the undercover deputy.

The sheriff’s office says the deputy then conducted a controlled purchase of Hydrocodone from Aker’s. A short time later, detectives arrived to assist. Upon searching the residence, detectives found approximately 50 more Hydrocodone tablets, buy money from both purchases, and drug paraphernalia.

Aker’s was arrested and charged with Trafficking in a Controlled Substance, 10 or more dosage units, and Promoting Prostitution (2 or more prostitutes).