S&S Tire Brannon Crossing


We are here at S&S Tire right here in Brannon Crossing and I am with the manager, Mr. James O’Daniel. Well, preventative maintenance, for example, let’s say your oil changes, they will actually help the longevity of your vehicle and they will also help breaking down on the road, things along those lines. So when you come in for an oil change, not only do we just do the oil change, but we rotate the tires, it gives an idea of what your tire condition is like and we get to look at the rest of your vehicle to see what else may be due and may not be due. Speaker 1: That’s what we need to talk about because, of course, it’s S&S Tire, everybody thinks tires and maybe they think, they pigeon-hole it into just tires here, but you guys do more than just tires. You do other services. What all do you do here? James O’Daniel: So tires in our name, and that’s actually our primary focus but we do a lot more. We do brakes and tune ups. We do suspension work. We do alignments. We do a lot of things and especially going back to preventative maintenance, we do some fluid exchanges, things like that, that your cars manufacturer wants you to do and we’re here to help you with that.So right now, we have a coupon for $20 off any auto service over $100. It’s not the only coupon. If you go online to S&Stire.com, there are other coupons.