UPDATE: KEA President, Gov. Bevin spar on teacher ‘sickouts’


UPDATE: (03/12/19) – The Kentucky Education Association and Governor Matt Bevin continue their war of words over the recent teacher ‘sickouts’.

KEA President Stephanie Winkler responded Tuesday morning to Governor Matt Bevin’s video with the following statement:

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Educators across Kentucky are defending attacks on public education funding by appealing to their elected officials. Through personal appeals, phone calls, emails or texts, thousands of educators, parents and concerned citizens have voiced their approval or opposition to legislation that affects our students and our public schools. In every county and school system, those who support public education are being heard. The governor has been well quoted for his disdain of the legislative process and the activism of those who have opposed some of his policies.

Educators are sick and tired of being brushed off and vilified by this governor who has repeatedly disregarded our input and importance to the future of our Commonwealth. Citizens from Pikeville to Paducah have stood behind our efforts because they understand that we are standing up for their children and our students. We applaud the funding of pensions.  We hope the governor applauds the activism and passion that educators have for our public schools and our students. We are Republicans, Independents and Democrats. But first we are educators who support public education. Where there is disagreement with our elected officials, educators will continue to have our voice heard in Frankfort.

The KEA has not called for any sickouts during the legislative session.

Winkler posted a video on Facebook Tuesday with other educators further explaining their stance.

Posted by Stephanie J Winkler on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Governor Matt Bevin on Monday went on Facebook and blasted teachers for calling in sick, when they’re not.

Teachers in some districts, including the state’s two largest systems, Jefferson and Fayette, have used ‘sickouts’ as a way to protest public pension reform bills they dislike.

Jefferson County cancelled classes for Tuesday, March 12, 2019, because so many teachers called out, again.

Governor Bevin says the students are the real losers when teachers use this tactic.

“Don’t let all the noise of the power-hungry, money-hungry people at the KEA and others district you from the fact that putting the children first is the greatest responsibility we have,” Bevin said.

“Each and every one of us, united we stand, divided we fall.  It’s more than just a state motto, it’s literally true as it related to our young people as well,” Bevin added.