Making of ‘The Stand-in’ part 2



Doug High:          Hey guys, welcome back. We’ve got Hollywood right here in Lexington. Wrigley Media Group is the studio. You saw part of the studio and now it looks like we’re standing in some kind of barn. We’ve got a bunch of bales of hay.

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Speaker 2:           Spoiler alert.

Doug High:          We’ve got the brain trust of this Drew Barrymore movie with us and guys, you promised you’d give us a little back story on why there’s a bunch of bales of hay here in this studio.

Speaker 2:           Well, we’re shooting in Lexington because we’re making Lexington part of the story.

Doug High:          Ah.

Speaker 2:           You have to put some hay into the Wrigley Media studios to kind of tell part of that story and she can tell you a little bit more about what that is.

Doug High:          Hay is in our wheelhouse.

Speaker 2:           Yeah.

Doug High:          Yeah, let’s hear about this.

Speaker 3:           Drew Barrymore plays a milkmaid.

Doug High:          Ah.

Speaker 3:           She has long braids and a cute milkmaid Holly Hobby outfit and she is in a barn and she, in the movie plays a famous actress who’s very good with physical comedy and she falls off of the tall bales of hay, lands into a pile of cow poop.

Doug High:          Okay. The cow poop is not …

Speaker 2:           Right here.

Doug High:          … the cow poop might be digitally added later. I’m not sure. It’s not in here yet. We know this.

Speaker 2:           It’s coming though.

Doug High:          It’s comin’. This is a big deal. Not only for Wrigley Media Group, but for the whole region. I’m curious how this project found you.

Speaker 3:           You know, I read the script, it was actually a British writer, a guy who developed a TV show called Peep Show in the UK and I just thought it was such a great relevant script, it kind of reminded me of A Star is Born or All About Eve or all those movies about kind of Hollywood and the good side and the bad side and I was working on Drew Barrymore’s TV show, Santa Clarita Diet …

Doug High:          Ah.

Speaker 3:           … I gave the script to Drew and said, what do you think? I feel like you might have something to say about these characters.

Doug High:          Well, it’s not every day we get an A-Lister like Drew Barrymore here in Lexington, so we’re excited. Nor this kind of production power. Guys, we’re very thrilled about this collaboration.

Speaker 2:           Whoa, we’re excited too.

Doug High:          You’ve got the whole Wrigley Media team workin’, not just them, but I heard something like 9000 folks had submitted to be an extra in this film.

Speaker 2:           Yeah, yeah, We needed about an 100 extras for the film, so we put out the call to the community and we were overwhelmed with over 9000 people who wanted to be a part of it.

Doug High:          A few people want to be in the movie.

Speaker 2:           Yeah, yeah. A few of them are going to be in it. The rest of ’em come on down and check it all out. Sorry for the traffic, we’ll warn you about that right now. Yeah, the community has really turned out to help the movie.

Doug High:          Very cool. If some of our viewers are enticed to learn more about this Drew Barrymore film upcoming and kind of follow your all’s progress, is there a resource we can send ’em, where they can kind of track what you guys are up to.

Speaker 3:           Yeah, absolutely. Just go to The Stand In. If you go online and look up The Stand In, you’ll see it’s in IMDB and all the kind of latest updates will be there.

Doug High:          All right.

Speaker 2:           And You’ll see some more info there for sure.

Doug High:          We want some juicy behind the scenes stuff …

Speaker 2:           Oh yeah.

Doug High:          … type of info too.

Speaker 2:           Oh yeah.

Doug High:          We’re going to be out there looking. Guys thanks so much for spending a few minutes with us. It’s much appreciated. The bales of hay, this is going to be fun.

Speaker 2:           Clear out for the bales of hay. Must see the bales of hay.

Speaker 3:           Would you like to jump off and land in the cow poop?

Speaker 2:           I’m good, I’m good. We’ll be back with more for you. You’re watching Good Day folks.

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