Christian ministry encouraging adoption and fostering in Kentucky


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A global Christian group is in Kentucky this week with a simple mission: find more people to adopt and foster kids.

Governor Matt Bevin, an adoptive father, himself, is working to get support for the organization.

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From Mount Sterling, Evangel and Tim Hernandez came to Lexington Wednesday for a session on adoption and fostering.

They didn’t know what to expect, but Evangel ended up asking one of the most compelling questions of the day.

“I can imagine children playing with my children…we can provide a loving family, but we only have so much money,” Hernandez said.

It’s those kinds of concerns fueling global Christian ministry Focus on the Family.

Governor Bevin is helping the ministry encourage this group to build an audience from their communities for a summer info session on fostering and adopting.

Over ten years, the ministry has set up these sessions in 22 states.

Through them, the organization has gotten over 4,000 families to start the fostering or adoption process.

“It’s about helping kids get to the place of permanency,” Sharen Ford, the program director for Focus on the Family’s adoption and orphan care efforts, said.

Without that permanent home, the Governor says stats show many kids don’t graduate, get abused, end up in poverty, go to jail, and eventually cost tax payers thousands of dollars.

“Unless we do something to stand in the gap, we are going to lose a battle that quite literally societally, morally, emotionally, psychologically, financially we can’t afford to lose,” Bevin said.

Focus on the Family says it’s different than others trying to encourage adoption because it targets the faith based community.

There are about 6,500 houses of worship in Kentucky so the group asks why there are almost 10,000 Kentucky kids in foster care when the bible references caring for the orphaned 52 times.

“It’s crazy to me that out of 4.5 million people, we can’t find homes for a couple thousand kids,” the Governor said.

Is it a conflict of interest with the government?

Governor Bevin says it shouldn’t be the government’s responsibility to raise kids.

He says he continues try to cut through red tape that makes families, including his own, wait years and pay huge sums before being able to adopt.

If you’re interested in attending Focus on the Family’s Summer information session you can find out more here.