Teen shooting victim gives emotional testimony


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A young shooting victim took the stand to testify against her alleged attacker.

Two years ago, Carlos Jenkins was accused of a drive by shooting that left Amya Catching paralyzed.

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In the court room, Catching relived the night.

She explained that she was celebrating her 12th birthday with a sleepover at a friends house on Carneal Road.

Catching says they were sitting in the living room watching movies when she heard gunshots.

“We were watching a movie and then all of sudden there was a hole or something in the t.v. and then obviously more bullets are going through the house,” said Amya Catching.

Lexington police say 30 bullets were fired but it only took one to hit Catching’s spine.

“I just knew that I wasn’t able to get up and run. It just felt like jello, like I just couldn’t get up and I didn’t know what was wrong,” said Catching.

That night, Catching’s injuries caused her to become paralyzed from the chest down.

Jenkins is charged with assault, wanton endangerment, and tampering with evidence.