S & S Tire: Shocks & Struts


Taylor McNeil:                   Hey, folks. I’m Taylor with S and S Tire on Richmond Road. Today we’re going to talk about shocks and struts and why they’re important.

Here we have a strut assembly. All vehicles are going to have either a shock or a strut, or a combination of the two, on every single wheel. Driving with worn out shocks and struts can be dangerous. A good shock and strut is going to keep your tire with constant contact to the road. While as a worn out shock and strut is going to give you such symptoms as excessive bouncing when you’re coming to a stop, or maybe as you’re driving giving some clicking and popping and unusual noises. It can also give you some very uneven or unusual tire wear.

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If you feel like you’re getting any of these symptoms, please feel free to bring it in for a free inspection.

I’m Taylor with S and S Tire, Richmond Road. That’s your tip of the day from Under the Hood.

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