All on board survive Frankfort plane crash


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- An airplane with two people on board crashed Thursday morning at the Capital City Airport in Frankfort.

Miraculously, both people not only survived, but had barely any injuries.

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You probably wouldn’t guess that from the way the plane looks. It’s burnt and crushed.

According to the Frankfort Fire Department, the trainer and student on board, walked away with minor injuries and denied medical care.

“The student I believe had several hours of flight time so it was a shakeup for them,” Fire Chief Wayne Briscoe said.

The Transportation Cabinet says the pair was using the Lexington based plane for training.

“It’s a very rare occurrence that we have crashes in our airports,” Naitore Djigbenou, Director of the Office of Public Affairs for the Transportation Cabinet, said.

Firefighters wouldn’t say who was landing the plane, but think it was during landing that the plane crashed, hitting the runway then coming off into a ditch.

Investigators aren’t sure yet what caused the crash. Firefighters at nearby station three responded in less than a minute.

“There they found somewhat heavy fire to the left side of the engine,” Chief Briscoe said.

Firefighters say they let it burn off for a bit, knowing it wasn’t contaminating the ground.

Planes are still coming in and out of the airport since the damaged aircraft is off the runway and that’s where the airport says it will stay until the FAA can investigate.