Bill would set recount process for legislative races

Voting background via MGN Online

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A bill filed in the House would have candidates for the General Assembly follow the same recount procedures as nearly all other candidates in close races.

House Bill 495 is in response to the close outcome of the 13th House District in Daviess County.  State Representative Jim Glenn won the election by one vote, which was upheld in a recanvass.

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The incumbent in the race, Republican D.J. Johnson, petitioned the House to conduct an election contest, but dropped that request following a contested recount of the votes, clearing the way for the Democrat, Jim Glenn, to serve the remainder of his two-year term.

Under the bill, candidates running for a seat in the General Assembly would have ten days from the end of an election to file a petition for a recount with the circuit court in the county where the requesting candidates resides.  The person making the request is responsible for the recount costs.

If passed, only gubernatorial slates would still petition the General Assembly for a recount.

The bill was filed by Democratic House Leader Rocky Adkins.  It is co-sponsored by House Speaker David Osborne.