Clark County firefighters ready with water rescue trailer


CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Battalion Chief William Jordan is making sure the swift water rescue trailer is ready for action. Three years ago, the Clark County Fire Department started using the trailer. It’s equipped specifically for water rescues.

“It makes my life and my job so much easier to know that I have this at my disposal if it’s needed,” said Jordan.

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Each locker consists of a rescue vest, a dry suit, thermal water gloves, summer water gloves, swim fins, a kids kayak used for rescuing people in the ice and also a rescue basket for high water.

With rain coming down on the Bluegrass, and creeks continuing to rise, Jordan says the trailer is filling a huge need.

“We’re in a really unique place. Central Kentucky has an extremely high amount of running water, and it’s kind of been overlooked for many years, but not only the river, which is a concern, but all these blue line side creeks that run through farms, on a day like today, they go from a trickle to three and four foot deep, which will sweep you away before you know what’s going on,” says Jordan.

Jordan says the trailer has been used between eight to ten times for not just people, but animals as well. It’s something Jordan is happy to have when someone’s life is on the line.