Mom to Mom – Kort’s Revital Cancer Rehab Program


Sarah Pannell:                   Today on Mom To Mom, we’re going to be talking about Kort’s Revital Cancer Rehab Program.

Joining me today is Laura Williams, doctor physical therapy here at Kort over at Hamburg. Thank you so much for joining us today.

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Laura Williams:                  Thanks for having me.

Sarah Pannell:                   Your alls Revital Cancer Rehab Program.

Laura Williams:                  Yes.

Sarah Pannell:                   Amazing.

Laura Williams:                  It’s been great.

Sarah Pannell:                   Please tell me about it.

Laura Williams:                  Yes. We started this program. It’s a national program. We go through the physical therapists that are a part of it become cancer rehab specialists and we go through pretty extensive training, which I think really sets us a part from other programs. It is still physical therapy, and it can be very applicable for all diagnosis.

We like to see patients ideally before they even begin treatment, and then throughout that process. We find that that just gives the best outcomes for the patient, but we’re flexible throughout that. It may look different when somebody’s going through after surgery, maybe doing different techniques versus if they’re going through chemotherapy or if they’re done with their treatment and ready to just regain everything back. It looks different throughout the phases and we’re willing to certainly adapt and keep the patient in the center of that.

Sarah Pannell:                   Correct me if I’m wrong. You do not need a doctor referral.

Laura Williams:                  You don’t. All commercial insurances- Now, Medicare you may, but all commercial insurances you don’t need a doctor referral. You can come straight to us and then of course we’re going to be in communication with your doctor. So, we’re not going to be out here on an island, but we’re going to make sure that we communicate with your team and make sure that we get you the best outcomes that we can.

Sarah Pannell:                   Perfect. For folks out there that want to find out more information about this, where should they go?

Laura Williams:                  Go to our website. Just search Kort Physical Therapy and you’ll be able to look up a specific clinic. We’ve got 35 locations in Kentucky and Southern Indiana with specialists at all those locations, so you can look us up on the website. Call. There’s a central scheduling number that you can call as well and you’ll get all information that you need, and if you want to speak to a therapist we can arrange that too, so that way- I know it’s a difficult process obviously. We want to be a good resource and you can call us with any questions.

Sarah Pannell:                   All right. Thank you so much. What a great program. All right, moms. Connect with me on Facebook and I’ll see y’all next week.

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