Bed bugs continue to make a comeback


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – According to an entomologist, bed bugs have made a dramatic comeback in America in the last 10 to 15 years.

The entomologist says that bed bugs like to hide in crevices and seams of clothing and bedding.

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With the bugs small size and ability to hide in small spaces, they can easily be transported from spot to spot.

The Fayette County Public School District spokesperson says they found bed bugs on a school bus Wednesday.

Once they found the bug, the district pulled the bus out of service, cleaned and treated it, and the bus was back on the road the next day.

The Fayette County Public School District spokesperson, Lisa Deffendall released this statement:

“Like the rest of the nation and state, there are families in Fayette County who are dealing with the issue of bed bugs at home. Since families are our partners in the Fayette County Public Schools, we work closely to support them and get help as needed. Although it is unlikely for bed bugs to be spread in the school environment, we do sometimes find bugs that have been hidden in a student’s belongings or clothing. When that occurs, we work with our risk management department to go through a process of cleaning and treating any affected areas, such as a classroom or a bus.”

If you do get a bug bite, most of the time it will look like a red welt on your skin that itches.

The entomologist says if you have bed bugs, you should call a professional to remove all of them.