Animal welfare rally at the State Capitol


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) —  Dozens gathered at the State Capitol to rally for animal welfare Wednesday.

The rally hosted by the Kentuckians Vote for Animals was to get lawmakers attention and make their voices heard for the animals.

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Supporters say this is because the animals can’t speak for themselves.

They wanted to bring awareness to Kentucky ranking as worst state for animal protection laws. This is according to the Annual U.S. Animals Protection Laws Rankings Report.

“It’s embarrassing and especially considering Kentucky is considered the horse capitol of the world,” says KVA President, Melissa Bowman.

Supporter Rhonda Hagan says Kentucky is her home state and it’s very sad that it’s not a good place for animals.

So why does Kentucky rank so low?

“I guess just knowing there aren’t that many repercussions if it happens is one thing that allows it to keep happening,” says Bowman. “So if we can get some stronger laws on the book hopefully that will serve as a deterrent.”

Kentucky is the only state that prohibits veterinarians from reporting suspected animal abuse.

Some animal welfare bills these supporters hope to see passed this legislative session:
HB 25: Class D felony for dog/cat torture

HB 36: Animals left in hot cars

HB 37: Animal abuse offender registry

HB 67: Sexual crimes against animals

Organizers of the rally encourage the public to contact your legislators immediately and make sure these animal laws get passed in session.