Lexington police sergeant’s misconduct trial begins


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington police officers testified Tuesday about the actions of Sergeant Jarvis Middleton, who is accused of stalking a woman.

Prosecutors say he had been involved with that woman.

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Officers testified that Middleton asked them to drive by her home and run license plates for men she was seeing.

“The police department has regulations on what you can do and what you can’t do, never is there some regulation that says you can run a computer check on a license plate on anybody, unless it’s for official business,” said Fayette County Attorney Larry Roberts.

The officers said at the time they felt they were simply obeying orders.

One officer said if he had known what was going on, he would have been uncomfortable.

Jurors also heard from the woman in the middle of all of this.

She said she is confident Middleton was stalking her and using police resources to gather information.

Middleton’s attorneys say the department’s database policies don’t specifically prohibit officers from using certain databases for personal use and non criminal related cases, and that it’s not unusual to ask officers to run license plate numbers.

“You’ll hear testimony from folks that they never heard in the history of the Lexington Police Department, an officer ever being charged with a crime for doing the exact same conduct as Sgt. Middleton,” said the defense.

The trial continues Wednesday.