Attorney claims improper interference at Kentucky recount

Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – First a Kentucky state House race went to the Democrat by a single vote, and then a recount declared the race a tie. Now there’s a flurry of back and forth drama, with the Democrat’s attorney accusing the Republican side of improperly pressuring election officials and the GOP candidate’s legal team calling the allegation “false and scurrilous.”

Democrat Jim Glenn’s lawyer, Anna Whites, said in her election-interference filing that Republican DJ Johnson and his attorney “intentionally violated the integrity of the proceedings by forcing a vote count change and by interfering with the vote count process.”

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She says the “spoiled ballot” should be removed from the vote count.

Johnson’s legal team responded that the Republican and his lawyers “behaved appropriately” at the recount last Saturday in Owensboro, Kentucky.