Kentucky lawmakers seek return of sexual harassment payment

Rep. Jeff Hoover
Rep. Jeff Hoover (Photo Courtesy:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Three current and former Republican lawmakers who paid a woman $110,000 as part of a secret sexual harassment settlement are demanding she give the money back for violating a confidentiality agreement.

Jeff Hoover, Michael Meredith and Jim DeCesare were among four Republican state House members who signed a secret sexual harassment settlement in 2017 with a woman who once worked for the House GOP caucus.

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But two other state employees knew about the settlement. Both have since been fired, and both have filed lawsuits. Thursday, the three lawmakers filed a lawsuit alleging those employees knew about the lawsuit because the woman told them, which violated the terms of the agreement.

An attorney for the woman called the lawsuit ridiculous and said she will ask the court to dismiss it.