Devine Carama


My name is Devine Carama, and I am prepping the release of my new album, Kingtucky II! I’m nominated for “Best Hip Hop Artist” and the “Community Service Award” at the 5th annual Lexington Music Awards this month. The double album will be the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2016 album, Kingtucky. The sequel touches on such topics as the death of my father, Colin Kaepernick, my own male bias in the Bill Cosby rape case, Aretha Franklin tribute, overcoming personal challenges and more! The second disc even features the original audio from my poem, “I Stand With Our Teachers’, that I recited in Frankfort at the KEA teacher’s rally.


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Over the last year, so much of my focus has been teaching hip hop & leadership classes (University of Kentucky, BCTC LLCE summer program, & Fayette County Public School’s new alternative program “The Success Academy.) and philanthropy through my nonprofit, Believing In Forever Inc. Here are my thoughts on what inspired me to go back in and record not just another project, but a double album. This text can also be found in the linear notes of the physical CD when it comes out:


“After 10 plus years and 9 albums into the game, you constantly look for motivation to continue creating art at a high level as an MC. With my focus now on community and youth development through my nonprofit, I only creative music when I feel extremely inspired. Over the last year or so I saw a decrease, locally and nationally, on positive content and lyrical dexterity from hip hop artists. I work with youth for a living and most of them are completely engulfed in hip hop culture. It scares me to see a generation of young people who think simplistic rhymes, drug use and disrespecting women is all hip hop is about. My mother always told me to be the change I want to see. So with my voice as loud as ever with a lot of the community work I’ve been blessed to do, I’ve decided to use my platform to creative the more positive and lyrical elements of hip hop that I feel is missing from the game.” – Devine Carama