Snowshoe Mountain Resort Spa


Speaker 1:           Hey everyone. Well, you know, one of my favorite things to do when I get off the mountain absolutely every day is either have a massage, a facial, or a pedicure or manicure. One of the best kept secrets up here at Snow Shoe Mountain is Mary at the Spa at Snow Shoe. How are you, darling?

Mary:                    I’m doing great. How are you today?

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Speaker 1:           Okay. I am feeling this. I love it. Let’s talk a little bit about the spa in itself to begin with.

Mary:                    Okay.

Speaker 1:           How did it all come about?

Mary:                    The spa is kind of our COO’s, Patty Dunkin, it’s kind of her brain child.

Speaker 1:           Yeah.

Mary:                    She started it. She got us going and here we are today.

Speaker 1:           Here you are. Talk a little bit about the services that you offer.

Mary:                    Okay. We’re a full service spa.

Speaker 1:           Full service?

Mary:                    Yeah, so we offer everything from hair, nails, facials, body wraps, body scrubs, and of course, massages.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, so when you say body scrubs, full body scrubs as well?

Mary:                    Yes, full body scrubs.

Speaker 1:           Who doesn’t love that?

Mary:                    Absolutely. It’s fantastic.

Speaker 1:           Now, you did say men. I love that men can come to your spa as well.

Mary:                    Absolutely.

Speaker 1:           They didn’t just let me in for filming, everyone. I did see a couple guys walking around as well.

Mary:                    Yep. Specific men’s facial.

Speaker 1:           Oh, do you?

Mary:                    They do a double exfoliation in the shaving area.

Speaker 1:           That’s what I’m needing.

Mary:                    Yeah. It’s fantastic.

Speaker 1:           Nothing better than coming in from the mountain, having a quick shower, and then going in and having those facials done with the steam machines and the masks-

Mary:                    Absolutely.

Speaker 1:           And those beautiful moisturizers as well. Okay, so how long are your massage treatments go for?

Mary:                    We have 30, 60, and 90 minute treatments available.

Speaker 1:           Oh my gosh. Can I have a 90 tomorrow?

Mary:                    Absolutely.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, that’s what I need.

Mary:                    We’ll schedule you right in.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, totally in for that. Now, facials. You do all full service facials starting from just normal cleansing right up until deluxe facials?

Mary:                    Yeah, so we have everything from our 30 minute facial, which is kind of an express-

Speaker 1:           Yeah.

Mary:                    So we just do a cleanse, tone, and scrub-

Speaker 1:           Yes.

Mary:                    And then our longer 60 minutes includes some lovely mask treatments.

Speaker 1:           Oh my gosh.

Mary:                    We also have a micro dermabrasion facial that’s fantastic, really gets all of that-

Speaker 1:           Perfect.

Mary:                    Grime and daily life buildup-

Speaker 1:           Yeah.

Mary:                    On your face-

Speaker 1:           That’s-

Mary:                    Off.

Speaker 1:           What we need to know about. I love the fact, what are your hours? When are you open here in winter?

Mary:                    Our hours are 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM-

Speaker 1:           Yeah.

Mary:                    Monday through Thursday, and Friday and Saturday we are open until 08:00 PM.

Speaker 1:           Well, thank you so much, Mary.

Mary:                    Absolutely.

Speaker 1:           Are you gonna get cracking?

Mary:                    Yeah.

Speaker 1:           You’ve got a little bit more work to do.

Mary:                    Let’s get to it.