Savvy Shopper: Sleep Number Beds


Sarah Enlow:                      Hello, Kentucky. I’m Sarah Enlow, your Savvy Shopper at the Fayette Mall. In order to feel your best, you have to get a great night’s sleep, so we’re checking out not just beds, but how you can get proven quality sleep here at Sleep Number. There is a clear connection between sleep and health and wellness, as well as performance, and I’m here with Heather Chula, the store manager of Sleep Number. Hi, Heather.

Heather Chula:                  Hi, Sarah.

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Sarah Enlow:                      Tell us a little bit about how sleep improves performance with Sleep Number beds.

Heather Chula:                  I love that question. Some things that are pretty interesting is we, this past year, partnered with the NFL, which has been the biggest year ever for us, and we actually have 1,800 NFL players currently on a Sleep Number bed, and we use that information from the NFL players about how their better quality sleep can increase their performance on the field. It’s like a small sleep study.

Sarah Enlow:                      The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed gives you the best sleep. Heather, explain to me how my number gives me the best rest.

Heather Chula:                  Well, Sarah, as you see here in this image on the individual fit, your Sleep Number setting of 35 has really reduced the amount of pressure that you had through your hip area. With the 360 Smart Beds, the beds actually are smart because it will learn this about you. It will actually sense you and know you throughout the night. It’s an effortless night’s sleep, so that when you move from one location to another, say from your back to your side, it will actually make small adjustments through the night in order to keep you comfortable all night long, therefore, giving you the best sleep of your life.

Sarah Enlow:                      Thank you, Heather, and Sleep Number is a three-time recipient of the Prestigious JD Power Award for customer satisfaction. Stop in and find out what your Sleep Number is here at the store. Join me here every Tuesday for more Savvy Shopper tips. I’m Sarah Enlow for ABC 36.