S&S Tire: Oil Changes


James:                  Hi, I’m James with S&S Tire in Brannon Crossing. Today I want to talk to you about oil changes and how often you should get your oil changed on your car. Engine oil is the heart and soul of your car’s engine and keeping it clean and changed is very important. Over time, engine oil does break down due to high temps, dust, combustion residue, things like this which will actually break down the oil and cause less performance. That’s why it’s important to change your oil every 3,000 miles, or per your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Frequently changing your oil will avoid costly repairs. At S&S Tire, we recommend checking the oil at least once a month. By doing so, pull the dipstick from the engine crank case. Inspect the oil, it should be light tan and very smooth in color. If it’s thick and dark, maybe a little gritty, it’s time to get your oil changed. If you think you’re due for an oil change or you’re just unsure, stop by any S&S location and let us inspect it for free. I’m James with S&S Tire in Brannon Crossing. That’s your tip from Under The Good.

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Speaker 2:           Now at S&S Tire, buy four continental or general tires and get four free oil changes.