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Jason Shade:                      I’m Jason Shade, General Manager of S&S Tire, Beaumont Center, Brannon Crossing. Are you prematurely aging your vehicle without knowing it? You may be, and you just don’t know, cause it’s just everyday driving. Here are five simple, very, very simple ways to cut down on premature aging.

Warming up your vehicle. If it’s an older vehicle you might want to let it run for maybe five, 10 minutes in the morning, and then, that way, whenever you get in it and start giving it gas it’ll be ready for you. The tire maintenance, that’s something that gets forgotten a lot. If you don’t rotate the tires it’ll show premature age wear. Or, if they’re over inflated it’ll show premature wear in the middle of the tire, but if they’re under inflated it’ll show premature wear on the inside of the tire. And that could also be an alignment issue as well.

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Make sure your tires are set at the recommended PSI, and it’ll save you a lot, a lot of trouble. Riding the break, always see that driver out there, you know, two footing it. Try not to be that guy, or that person, because it really, really, really puts a lot of stress on all of your brake parts. The pads, the rotors, the whole thing. The more they’re working the more they’re wearing out. So, just keep that in mind.

And also, if you can just ease into a stop, especially if you have a trailer, it’ll really, really cut down on brake pad and rotor replacement, cause they’ll just be, not being used as roughly or as much, and that’ll just greatly, greatly, greatly increase the life of the brake parts.

And that’s your tip from Under The Hood here at S&S Tire.

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