Mother Makes Plea To The Community


SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Nearly 2 years ago, Don Savage was killed during hit and run.

He left behind his 2 kids and his wife, Kathy.

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A court date has been set for 2 individuals that were involved, but that’s still not enough for Kathy.

She wants the judge to know just how valuable her husband’s life was and so she’s asking anyone who knew him to write a letter in his memory.

“I just want an accurate picture of him to be portrayed as the type of person that he was,” said Kathy Savage.

In January, one individual has a trial date set and another individual has a sentencing date set in February.

Kathy says she is relieved to see the court dates set, but is disappointed in how long it’s taken and how she hasn’t felt rightfully involved in her husband’s case.

“Where are the rights for the victims because there aren’t any,” says Savage.

Kathy says that the court has asked her family to write a letter about his Don’s death has affected their family.

She believes that is not enough and she’s asking anyone who knew Don to write a letter, paragraph, or an email to the judge before a final decision is made.

“I would like to see just everybody just be able to close the book on this and see the boys be punished appropriately,” said Kathy.