God’s Pantry Food Bank


Together, we are doing more than more than ever before, but there is still unmet need and God’s Pantry Food Bank needs help to meet that need this upcoming season. As the cold weather approaches and low-income households are disproportionately affected by winter weather woes, God’s Pantry Food Bank is concerned about reaching everyone at risk of hunger in Central and Eastern Kentucky.

To date in 2018 the Food Bank has distributed more than 33,000,000 million pounds of food, with 37% being fresh produce, a record pace of distribution. This is only possible with the support and partnership of the community and more than 400 partner agencies and meal programs across the 50 county service area in Central and Eastern Kentucky. What we are doing is working, we are distributing more food than ever before, but we are still trying to fill the need of those we haven’t reached. We continue to ask for support and partnership because what we do as a food bank do IS working. It is successful and it is effective. But there is still a gap, so we need to keep doing what we know works. A gift of $25 will help us gather and distribute enough food to create 200 meals, a gift of $100 will help us distribute enough food to create more than 800 meals!