Car thefts in daycare parking lots


Last Thursday morning, Lindsey Turner was dropping off her youngest daughter at the Growing Place in Richmond.

She left her car unlocked and had her purse in the passenger seat. She says she was away from her vehicle for five minutes at the most.

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“He backs up out of his space, pulls into the one right next to mine, hops out, looks into my car, opens it up, grabs my purse, and then just high tails it out,” said Lindsey Turner, Victim.

Richmond Police confirm that ABC Child Care and Learning Center and Lafontaine Early Learning Center were also hit.

Police also believe the same suspect took a purse from a car at Kidz Konnection Child Care in Lexington.

“It’s like there’s certain crimes that are just despicable and that’s despicable to me,” said Margra Ferrier, Kidz Konnection Owner.

Police are reminding everyone to lock their vehicles no matter how short of time you’ll be away and never leave any valuables out in the open.