S&S Tire: Fuel Injection System


James O’Daniel:                Hi. I’m James with S&S Tire in the Brannon Crossing location. Today I want to talk about a fuel injection service for your vehicle.

Reasons you may need a fuel injection service, regardless of the miles that you have on your vehicle is, one, if you notice a decreased gas mileage from your vehicle.

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Two, if your vehicle is stalling or sputtering, especially sitting at a light. The throttle pipe may be dirty and not opening or closing fully, causing an issue.

Three, if you hear a little pinging in the engine. This can be an indication that the injectors aren’t spraying the fuel like they need to.

If this is the case, or the situation, bring it in to S&S Tire and let us perform a fuel injection service.

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When we do that, that’s a three-step process. It usually takes under an hour, but the first step is, we actually take the throttle body apart. We expose the plate. We clean it up of all the carbon deposits on there that may be causing it to get stuck, or not opening or closing all the way, that would cause a problem with the fuel mileage.

Two, we actually use the engine’s natural vacuum to pull in a chemical cleaner into the intake to clean the interior of the carbon deposits, which will create an issue.

And the third step, we actually put cleaner into the fuel tank and let it run through the entire system, through the lines to the injectors, to the plugs, to help clean that up and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

As, of course, we always recommend a fuel injection service with every tune up. So, check your manufacturer specs for your tune up.

I’m James with S&S Tire, Brannon Crossing, and that’s your tip of the day.

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