Dollywood Christmas Giveaway


Nat:                       All right, one of the best things that I love about going to Dollywood is getting to go to all the gift stores, and this time of year it’s all about the Christmas feel. Let me introduce you to Sharon, who’s been part of Dollywood what for …

Sharon:                Almost thirteen years.

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Nat:                       Thirteen years. And you’re the big boss of retail.

Sharon:                Oh really, Nat. Not really.

Nat:                       Tell everyone your role.

Sharon:                I am the merchandise supervisor for seven of the shops here in Dollywood.

Nat:                       Okay, now why is it every time you come into the stores it’s just so warmy and you just want to buy everything? What is it?

Sharon:                It’s the Dollywood family way.

Nat:                       Okay. Explain that.

Sharon:                Well, we want everybody to feel like they’re at home. We want everybody to be happy, be 100% satisfied.

Nat:                       Yeah.

Sharon:                Make them all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Nat:                       I have to say to you, that’s how you do feel and I just feel like I want to sit back and have an apple cider when I’m in here.

Sharon:                Well we can get that for you.

Nat:                       Oh, you can get me apple cider?

Sharon:                We got apple cider. We got hot chocolate, coffee, the grist mill cinnamon bread, candy.

Nat:                       Where’s that?

Sharon:                It’s right up the street.

Nat:                       Perfect. That’s the famous bread store?

Sharon:                Yes, that’s the famous bread store.

Nat:                       Oh my friend, I love that. Okay, tell me about the stores that we have here. What are you doing with them?

Sharon:                This is our Mountain World. It’s our new shop this year and it’s all our home décor and as you can see, we’ve set up for Christmas. We have all kinds of Christmas ornaments and we have furniture, we hae the farmhouse table that people’s been real popular. So we have from little to big, whatever you would need for your home.

Nat:                       Now I ave to say to you, how do they get everything out of here?

Sharon:                Well, it’s Santa’s secret.

Nat:                       I was going to say, you come in and you say, now doll, I’d like to buy that side table and it arrives on Christmas day?

Sharon:                Well, we can arrange it.

Nat:                       Because I can hardly imagine people popping it on their heads …

Sharon:                No, no.

Nat:                       … and walking around the park.

Sharon:                Well we have a secret way of doing it so keep the park nice and clear.

Nat:                       That’s what I love. Okay, let’s talk about some of the other stores.

Sharon:                Okay, well we have Dolly’s Closet, which is all her fashions and everything. We got lots of lace that popular this year, so all the latest trends. We got fur you might really like. We got beautiful sparkles in there.

Nat:                       Yeah, I went in there. It’s gorgeous.

Sharon:                We also have The Traditions which is our teeny more popular styles of her Southern couture and all those and everything, so we have all that.

Nat:                       Now one of my favorite stores when I was here last time, I got to go into the glass blowing store and actually, is the right terminology blowing glass?

Sharon:                It’s blown glass.

Nat:                       Blown glass.

Sharon:                Yes.

Nat:                       And I bought something and it sits in my hallway.

Sharon:                Aren’t they beautiful though?

Nat:                       Oh my gosh. I love it.

Sharon:                We have four craftsmen in that area and they all do beautiful work and all those are hand made from them. It’s amazing to watch them. We have demos every day.

Nat:                       Well I think that would be the perfect job in winter.

Sharon:                Yeah, I think so.

Nat:                       In summer, it’s a killer.

Sharon:                But you know what? They do an awesome job, even in the summer.

Nat:                       They just don’t stop. It’s amazing. Okay, one store that’s your favorite. There’s got to be just one.

Sharon:                Just one?

Nat:                       Yes.

Sharon:                I’ll get in trouble if I say that. I got seven stores.

Nat:                       Who will you get in trouble by?

Sharon:                The rest of them that I don’t pick.

Nat:                       But is this the one that you’re in the most for the moment?

Sharon:                Yes, for the moment, yes, this is the one that’s getting all the attention right now.

Nat:                       I think you’re amazing. Thank you for letting me talk to you and we’ll catch up with you very soon.

Sharon:                Well, thank you.

Nat:                       Good.

Speaker 3:           You are a pro.