Special Session Is Over


On the second day of the legislative session, the house speaker announced that it would end.

It took hours for lawmakers to reach this decision and house speaker, David Osborne explained that a fair decision could not be made within the 5 day period.

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The governor called the special session because he wanted action to help fix a pension system that is billions of dollars in the red.

This decision came days after the State Supreme Court rejected the bill that lawmakers passed because that bill didn’t get three readings as required by law.

Many, like the house minority leader, Rocky Adkins, were against the special session and are happy to see that it’s over.

“We know this process, we’ve been here the last day and half has been a terrible process. It’s time to go home. The right decision was made here tonight. This was a terrible plan, this was irresponsible of this governor to call this on short notice,” said Rocky Adkins, House Minority Leader.

The President of the Kentucky Education Association also made a comment about the special session ending.

“Serious issues and solutions should be considered critically and deliberately. There is no room for shortcuts in democracy. It’s time the governor learned such an important lesson once and for all,” said Stephanie Winkler, Kentucky Education Association President.

Lawmakers will look at this issue after the new year during the regular legislative session.