Mom Certified Tips to Surviving the Holidays


Speaker 1:           Welcome back to Good Day Kentucky. Okay, the holidays are here and while we are all enjoying some quality time with friends and family, we know that things can be a little stressful and chaotic, but this year we are staying on top of things with some simple tips to help us keep things stress free. Joining us today is the co-founder of website, Melissa Gerstein. Welcome to the show Melissa.

Melissa G:           Well thanks for having me. Happy holidays.

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Speaker 1:           Happy holidays to you too. Let’s go ahead and get right to it. With so much going on, how can we help simplify things during the holidays? It seems like it’s impossible.

Melissa G:           It’s not impossible, but you said it. It is stressful and chaotic and messy. It can feel like we’re juggling a million different things so to help, I’m looking for simple ways to simplify my life and I’m working with some great companies today that have been lifesavers for me. Like I said, with a lot going on, it’s important to look for ways to save yourself time. One way I’ve done that is by reducing the amount of time that I spend in the laundry room because I’ve got three kids in this house and it seems like the laundry piles up even more during the holidays, which is why Samsung’s FlexWash and FlexDry is a great resource for me.

With the flexibility to wash and dry multiple loads of laundry at the same time, it is basically two washers in one with a top load washer for small items like T-shorts and a full size front load washer for towels. The same goes for the dryer, there’s a drawing zone for delicates and one for larger loads too. But my favorite part, you can monitor and control the laundry process right from your smartphone, which is a must for busy holidays, a must.

Speaker 1:           I love it, I love it. And you know what, many people will also be visiting family and friends this year to celebrate. Do you have any recommendations for families on the road?

Melissa G:           I do, because the holidays are the busiest travel times of the year and on the road as you know. You can imagine this can be a tiny bit stressful like the long lines and holiday traffic and other unexpected fun if you know what I mean, fun and delays. It’s important to have a plan set up for yourself and here’s what I mean. Instead of couch surfing with the in-laws or traveling back and forth after a long day of celebrating, turn to a trusted name like Days Inn by Wyndham.

This has been a lifesaver for me and my family. When we drive up to Canada every Christmas, we get a great room, free Wifi, free breakfast when we stay and best of all, the average rate’s around $75 a night. And if you book at before January 8th, you’re going to save an additional 10% or more. While the holidays are meant for spending time with family and loved ones, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, people need space. Days Inn can help give your family, It’s given my family the true space that we need and nice extra time together.

Speaker 1:           I love it and you know what, it’s not going to break the bank either, which is awesome. Also you know what, during the holidays, it can also be filled with sweets, desserts, drinks, and so much more. Do you have any tips for navigating the holiday party scene at all?

Melissa G:           Yes, I do. I love all the holiday parties, the cookie swaps, all the activities, but don’t forget about a little self care and that means your teeth, our teeth. This year, my family is not going to be worried about broken wires and brackets from braces because Invisalign treatment is a game changer. It’s an incredible resource to help teens and parents like me during the holidays and Christmas. You don’t have to be going to those emergency ortho visits.

Let me just say, Invisalign treatment has done wonders for my daughter. We have seen such a transformation in such a short amount of time. Super easy. You brush, floss, pop the aligners in and out and you don’t have to worry about those broken brackets. Like I said, it could not be easier. So, happy holidays to you all and for more information on everything I’ve talked to you about today, please visit

Speaker 1:           Melissa, thank you so much for joining us today. We really appreciate it and there is more Good Day Kentucky coming up. Keep it right here.