S&S Tire: Tire Rotation


Hey folks. I’m Taylor with S&S Tire, Richmond Road. Today we’re going to talk about tire rotation and why it’s necessary. Different vehicles are going to wear tires differently depending on front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive but it’s always necessary to rotate your tires. When a tire isn’t properly rotated it creates uneven tire wear. In this case, very severe, very dangerous. As you can see, the metal thread is hanging out here while this side still has some tread.

Had this tire been properly rotated, it could have lasted up to a year longer. Tires are a big investment so we suggest rotating tires every 5000 miles or every oil change. If you don’t know when your last rotation was, it’s probably time. So if you don’t have a mechanic come see us. We will rotate the tires for free. I’m Taylor with S&S Tire at Richmond Road. That’s your tip of the day from Under the Hood.

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