Savvy Shopper: Rustic Reinvented Pop-Up Shop


Sarah Enlow:                      Hello Kentucky. I’m Sarah Enlow, your Savvy Shopper at the Fayette Mall. Today we’re checking out some fabulous Christmas gift ideas here at the Pop-Up Shop where Rustic Reinvented is here through the end of the month, and I’m here with Mark Thomas who is the owner and creator of Rustic Reinvented.

Mark, show us some of those amazing Christmas gifts that you have made over here.

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Mark Thomas:                   Right, so one of the things that are kind of our more popular items are these bourbon/cigar lamps. We tend to pair the cigars with the bourbons that they normally would be smoked with. These are just a really popular thing for ladies that want to come in and buy their husbands a gift, but they also want to give themselves something, and this is something they can tolerate and still give a nice present to him. They’re affordable. They usually start around $95, and they go up to about $150.

Then something that’s a little bit unique and different that we’re offering this year and for a limited time only is that we have these Pappy Van Winkle bottles, and they’re actually signed by Julian Van Winkle III. We’ve been able to acquire those at auction, and we’re going to be making those into lamps as well.

Sarah Enlow:                      One of my favorite gift ideas and definitely on my wishlist this year, I love their barrel staves. They’re great hostess gifts, and Mark, you have so many different options here.

Mark Thomas:                   We do. Some of the more popular options that we have are obviously for the younger crowd. We have the Banners Earned Couches Burned stave. A lot of UK students like that.

Then for the ladies we have the Weep No More, again, going with an Old Kentucky Home theme.

Obviously we have to have UK fan stuff, so we have the Kentucky Wildcats, the Big Blue Nation staves, and those are really big with most of our Kentucky crowd that comes in here. They’re sports fanatics.

Sarah Enlow:                      And what better than barrel accessories for your bourbon bar? Mark, I love these options that you have here. Show us what you have.

Mark Thomas:                   Right. We have a lot of products that are bar accessories that are made from the barrels themselves, and as you can see right here, we have a couple of staves. One is for the Glencairns, and these glasses are just really hard to get this time of year so a lot of the guys love the Glencairn holders.

We also have this, and this doubles as his and hers. We have a shot glass/tealight holder, I’ve also made from the barrel pieces themselves. Again, with Bourbon Accessories you have to be able to offer barrel heads. We do customization, and these are going to be good all the way from now up until Christmas. Our turnaround time on these is less than a week. So if you come in, place your order, we’ll make sure you get them in time to give those as a present.

Sarah Enlow:                      Thank you, Mark.

Stop in and visit Rustic Reinvented in the Pop-Up Shop located next to Francesca’s until Christmas and even afterwards through the end of the month.

One last little tip, they have pieces of the original Adolph Rupp basketball floor from Rupp Arena that you can purchase for the extra special gift for someone this year.

Join me here every Tuesday for more Savvy Shopper tips. I’m Sarah Enlow for ABC 36.