S&S Tire: Visibility


James O’Daniel:                Hi, I’m James with S&S Tire Brannon Crossing. And today let’s talk about visibility. Everyone knows the importance of visibility while driving, but there are a few things that people forget maybe along the way. Inspecting your wiper blades regularly is first where I would start. Over time, the rubber on the wiper blades can get hard, brittle, and even tear. And this is especially bad when it’s raining and you’re out on the road. Now, like me, I’m like everyone else, I forget until it’s too late. But it’s important to take that maintenance routinely and get them checked. Always feel free to stop in here and we can check them and change them for you.

Washer fluid’s another commonly forgotten item. It’s always important. You don’t want to run out at the wrong time. It could turn into a costly mistake. We recommend filling your washer fluid at every oil change, or at least keep some on you at all times. Especially in winter weather, you’ll use more washer fluid than you will in the summer time.

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Windshields. They may have a crack or a chip in them. Those items need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Those items can become a bigger issue down the road. And not only does it create a driving hazard, but it can weaken your windshield as well.

Next would be your headlights. It’s always important to have all your headlights working. Maybe not one bulb out, and one bulb on. That creates a hazard for other drivers. Also, your headlight lenses can become cloudy or have a film on top of them. These things need to be cleaned periodically. If you don’t want to do it, feel free to come in to S&S Tire. We’ll be glad to help you do it.

I’m James with S&S Tire. I hope I’ve helped you see your way to better visibility with these tips from Under the Hood.

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