Rowan County homeless shelter braces for the cold


MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ) — A Rowan County homeless shelter is doing its best to make sure no one has to sleep outside in this cold.

The Gateway House is a transitional housing shelter that puts keeping families together as its main priority.

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Only being a few days into December, the shelter is already full with a wait list as well.

The center prides itself on being a home and it strives to help families rebuild their lives after falling on hard times.

“Whenever you lose your home and become homeless no one wants to be separated from their child or their spouse,” says intake coordinator, Stephanie Helmick. “And we try and work so hard to make sure nothing like that ever happens.”

Gateway House is a small facility serving Bath, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan, and Rowan counties.

“This is all we have in all five counties to be able to serve our people,” says Helmick.”We are a very small shelter we have 17 beds that we can offer.”

With the cold weather already here, the shelter is worried about its wait list getting even fuller and supplies starting to dwindle.

“So basically we need everything that you need in your house times twenty,” says engagement coordinator, Ashley Straka. “Laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaning supplies.”

And for those the shelter isn’t able to help, and who qualify, are able to stay at a motel on nights it gets extremely cold.

Gateway says this is because of help from the Salvation Army and Morehead Police Department.

The goal is to ensure no one sleeps outside in the cold.

“Bad things happen to good people and we are hoping to get them through those hard times and into a home and into stability,” says Straka.

The shelter says it needs monetary donations to help get its residents set up in a more permanent home.

This will help open up more beds so the shelter can help more of the homeless.

You can donate at the shelter itself located off Flemingsburg Road in Morehead.