Booneville Man remembers President Bush


BOONEVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – The flag sits at half-staff outside Mark Edward’s Booneville home.

Inside, you can find memorabilia remembering the President Mark Edwards used to call boss. This includes a picture of Edwards playing horseshoes with President George H.W. Bush and a Christmas card sent to him by the President.

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Edwards began working with the White House Communications Agency during the Reagan administration, but it’s Reagan’s successor that Edwards developed a personal connection with.

“He and Mrs. Bush both were very personable. They were always concerned about the staff. You were always welcomed when you were in his presence,” said Edwards.

Edwards was born in Kentucky. He enlisted in the military after high school. He was eventually recruited to work in the White House Communications Agency. Edwards says he was one of three out of a thousand recruits selected to work in the agency.