Lexington McDonald’s responds to criticism over viral video


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A Lexington McDonald’s is being criticized on social media after a video posted on Facebook went viral, showing an elderly woman being asked to leave the restaurant.

But McDonald’s says the video doesn’t tell the complete story.

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Josh Nunez says he was at the McDonald’s off Nicholasville Road near New Circle Road in Lexington Wednesday when he shot the video with his cell phone.

In it, you can see an elderly woman sitting at a table eating, when a manager comes over and asks her to leave.

At one point the manager even says he’s going to call the police.

During the video, Nunez points out that the woman is eating and doesn’t understand why she’s being kicked out.

Nunez posted the video to his Facebook page Wednesday and it went viral, getting more than a million views and dozens of comments criticizing the restaurant for kicking the woman out for what looks like no reason.

In an email to ABC 36 News, the owner of the McDonald’s says the video was taken out of context and the woman in the video had actually been there for hours and had been disturbing other customers in the restaurant.