Will Smith shares heartfelt message about his relationship with his older son


Will Smith opened up about his relationship with his 26-year-old son, Trey, in a moving Instagram post on Tuesday.

The 50-year-old actor, who is visiting Abu Dhabi with his older son, shared a video in which he described a special moment they shared that showed just how close the two have become in recent years.

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“So I’m in Abu Dhabi at the F1. I brought my son Trey,” Smith said in the video. “We been hanging, and usually I take my kids separately on stuff just so they have their individual daddy time.”

“So we been doing this — me and him — we hanging at the F1, and he just hit me with, ‘You know what dad? I just realized you’re not just my dad.’ He paused and he said, ‘I’m pretty sure you’re my best friend.'”

The honest admission made the actor extremely emotional.

Smith detailed the history of their father-son bond in the post.

“It has not always been like this between Trey & I,” he wrote. “We STRUGGLED FOR YEARS after my Divorce from his Mother. He felt betrayed & abandoned. It is a Wild Blessing to recover & restore a Loving Relationship with My Beautiful Son!”

Smith divorced Trey’s mother, Sheree Zampino, in 1995 after a 3-year marriage. The two now share a friendly relationship. She commented on the video, “Wow! This is EVERYTHING to me!”

Zampino and Smith’s wife of 20-years, Jada Pinkett Smith, consider one another good friends as well.

For Zampino’s birthday in Novemeber, Pinkett Smith shared a sweet message on her Instagram.

“Happy Birthday @shereezampino!” she wrote alongside a photo of the two smiling. “Whew Chile! It’s been a hell of a journey between us and I’m grateful! You have been the provider of many ego deaths and profound lessons. And through it all, I’m so happy we’ve found space to laugh together, cry together and share joy together within our blended family. You’ve been a gift. I’m wishing you the world.”

The family members have all blended together amicably and often post messages in support of one another. Trey refers to his dad as his, “Literal Guy in Life.”

He also said that Smith is “one of the biggest influences and motivations,” in his life, in a birthday post for him in September.

“For so many reasons I am far too honored to have you apart of my life. I deeply love our relationship on every level and I highly look forward to see what it transforms into. You are my LITERAL Main Guy in Life and my Beloved Father. I love you Colossally,” he wrote.