Why shop small?


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Saturday, you’ll have another chance to test your gift-shopping skills with Small Business Saturday.

It’s your chance to get out in the community and support the locally-owned stores.

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Why shop small? When you do, you’re supporting people in your community, and you know where your dollars go.

“When you shop locally, you’re really helping your neighbor,” said J&H Lanmark employee Woody Deperna. “I found out just recently, and this surprised me a little bit, that if a customer walks into a local business and spends $100, $68 of that $100 actually stays in the community. That’s paying people’s salaries. It’s enabling the small business to reinvest in their business and grow.”

Plus, when you shop in a local business, the experience is different than what you would get elsewhere.

“We know our customers,” said Deperna. “That’s the big difference. There’s a relationship of trust that we’ll provide them the right product for whatever they’re doing. It’s a more personal relationship, really.”

There are several small businesses in Lexington, each selling unique gifts for everyone on your list.

For a list of Lexington’s locally-owned businesses, click here.