Why are so many Lexington restaurants closing?


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Monday, Willie’s Locally Known announced it’s closing its doors. But, it isn’t the first restaurant in the city to do so.

The restaurant industry is a hard one, because as Kentucky Restaurant Association President Stacy Roof says, there is never a way to tell what kind of food people will want to eat on what days, and with over 7,500 restaurant in the state, there are plenty of options. That’s why Roof says we see so many places come and go.

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“That’s just the nature of the business,” said Roof. “People’s habits change. The way they spend their money changes. Some businesses are booming and some aren’t.”

Roof says seeing so many restaurants closing in Lexington isn’t alarming at all.

Recently, places like Applebee’s and Backyard Burgers have closed in Hamburg, along with several other places downtown. In the last week, Brasabana and Willie’s Locally Known have announced their closures.

The closure of Willie’s has left many shocked, as they explain any time they’ve visited the restaurant, it has been packed. However, Roof says being busy on weekends, doesn’t make up for the profit lost on slower days throughout the week.

That’s why Roof encourages you to support local businesses on days you wouldn’t normally visit.

“We all kind of have a responsibility to help the businesses in our areas and neighborhoods thrive. They need our support every day.”