Kentucky’s first shelter for exploited children to open in 2020

Safe Passage Glenna Bevin

Safe Passage with Gov. Matt Bevin and First LadyFRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- Safe Passage, a new non-profit, has revealed plans to open Kentucky’s first shelter for child victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation at its inaugural fundraiser hosted by Glenna Bevin by the Governor’s Mansion last evening.

Local officials have identified that more than 200 trafficked children every year in Kentucky. Safe Passage will provide comprehensive services to help these victims and their caregivers find healing and restoration. Services include 24/7 shelter, aftercare and outpatient services, caregiver training, school prevention programs and much more. The organization is already operating the prevention programs in partnership with Refuge for Women. 

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The Governor’s Mansion hosted a gala Thursday evening to raise awareness about rising trafficking and sexual exploitation cases in Kentucky, and the ultimate need for a children’s shelter and specialized counseling services. Additionally, First Lady Glenna Bevin and Governor Matt Bevin spoke about the great need that Kentucky has for a shelter like this as well as their passion for this cause.

“When our children are rescued, we don’t have a safe place for them to go to. The trauma that they’ve endured will require a very special place staffed by very, very special people. Safe Passage will be their safe haven.” said First Lady Glenna Bevin.

Safe Passage will continue to fundraise and has a goal to open the first shelter in 2020. “Our vision is to provide holistic services in partnership with the state and community,” said Cara Starns, founder and president of Safe Passage, “Safe Passage will be a unique space specifically designed for these children. These kids will be safe, loved, and championed while they prepare to make their way back into the world.” 

To learn more about how you can be an agent for change in the lives of exploited children in Kentucky, visit Click to view or download a video about Safe Passage. To make a one-time gift or recurring donation to Safe Passage, please visit

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