Richmond elects Robert Blythe, first African-American mayor


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) — It was a memorable election for the city of Richmond, after electing its first ever African-American mayor.

Reverend Robert Blythe is a retired EKU professor, spent 16-years as city commissioner, and almost 37-years as a pastor for First Baptist Church in Richmond.

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He has made it his goal in life to serve others.

“Some are, I say, wired for service,” says Blythe. “It isn’t because I wake up one morning and say ‘That would be a nice thing’ no, that’s just the way I am wired.”

Blythe will be the city’s new mayor after beating Jim Newby by 661 votes.

He says he gets joy out of giving service.

Not only will he be the first ever African-American mayor-elect, but he is the first African-American to have ever sought for the office of mayor.

But Blythe says that isn’t the reason he ran.

“I want not just African-American children, inner city kids but I want everyone to know,” says Blythe. “But particularly African-American children to know that if they want to do something, now or at another level, that door is open for them.”

As for goals for the city, Blythe wants to make helping the homeless a priority, to improve Water Street and most importantly, listen to the community.