Service held for man killed in hit-and-run


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A round of applause was given to Jami Oliver at the Catholic Action Center. Just days ago, someone hit and killed her ex-husband John Oliver then drove off.

“Somebody in your world you never thought would be gone. It’s been sad,” said Oliver.

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Oliver isn’t alone today. Johnny Hamilton can relate. He was married for over 30 years before his wife died.

“I had to walk out one point and time when they were doing Amazing Grace and showing flowers because of my wife. I just buried her,” said Hamilton.

People at the service were able to write prayer requests on cards to be displayed at the Saint Joseph Hospital Chapel. There were also flowers donated to the Catholic Action Center for the service.

Oliver says she’s very thankful to Ginny Ramsey and the Catholic Action Center.

“I have to say thanks, not only for him, but for myself because she has helped me through nights. Many nights,” said Oliver.