Will teachers keep their promise?


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – A few months ago, state government workers, especially teachers, vowed to vote out supporters of a pension reform plan.

Is that momentum still there?

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With mid-term elections just days away, those workers are reminded of those who voted against their financial futures.

Thousands of teachers and other state government workers marched on the capitol back in the spring, telling those against them, “We will remember in November.” Now, November is here.

“We have five days to hold true to the promise we made back in March when we stormed the capitol and teachers said we aren’t going to take it anymore,” said Madison County Education Association President Susan Cintra.

That’s why teachers are working to get people fired back up and ready to hit the polls on Tuesday.

University of Kentucky Political Science Professor and ABC 36 Political Analyst Dr. Stephen Voss says that could be hard to do, explaining momentum could have been lost since then.

That’s why over the next few days, rallies like one in Richmond Thursday evening will pop up in several places.

Dr. Voss says if people do show up to the polls, we could see the impact of the movement. However, he isn’t convinced it will take everyone the teachers are against out of office.

“We might see one or two surprises as a result of this mobilization of teachers, as it sounds we’re going to see in other states where teacher’s unions really focused,” said Voss. “But, it’s less likely than in a general election.”

Dr. Voss says within the government workers group, there are a lot of differences in salary, age and other aspects that he says makes it hard for the group to speak with a truly unified voice. Thus, lessening the impact the group may have on Tuesday’s election.