Council member donates wound kits to support safety at Frederick Douglass


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Council member Angela Evans has donated 32 wound control kits, equipment that helps control bleeding in an emergency, to Frederick Douglass High School.

The kits will supplement safety training Frederick Douglass High School students are receiving today during the Lexington Fire and Emergency Services Field Day. Field Day is part of the Citizens Youth Academy, an annual opportunity for students to learn more about City government jointly sponsored by the school and Evans’ office.

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Each year the Citizen’s Youth Academy gives students a hands-on look at Lexington’s Fire and Emergency Services operations. Students get the opportunity to use a fire engine water hose, are trained to use a fire extinguisher, learn to control bleeding, and experience an on-site landing of the medivac helicopter, plus a tour of the aircraft.

Douglass Principal Lester Diaz welcomed the collaboration between the City and schools. “They say it takes a village, this is absolutely the case,” Diaz said. “Having our students trained in wound packaging, exposed to the learning opportunities in this event, and giving them experiences outside the classroom is what makes learning linked to life.”

The kits are available at four stations around the school. The Fire and Emergency Services Day was held Oct. 29 at Frederick Douglass High School.