Singer Kelly Rowland fires back at trolls who questioned skin tone


After posting a series of photos earlier this week, it’s amazing that singer Kelly Rowland needed to even comment on the tone and color of her skin, but here we are.

Some of the photos posted from a recent photo shoot made the singer look a little lighter than usual, so Instagram trolls questioned if she had been bleaching her skin.

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While most of her fans commented on her stunning outfit and shades, some talked about the color of her skin.

On Thursday, Rowland fired back on her Instagram stories, saying, “I never answer questions like this because i think it’s so stupid … but I am not the one to bleach my skin, nor do I want to bleach my skin.”

She continued, “It’s not for me, so don’t go saying stupid stuff like that.”

Rowland said the shade of her skin could be the lighting and that, “I am still chocolate, forever.”

And while Rowland took the high road, being as polite as she could be, her fans also stood by her side calling her “gorgeous” and saying she’s still the “baddest chick in the world.”