Police searching for hit and run driver suspected of killing bicyclist


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Lexington police are still searching for the driver they say hit and killed a man on a bicycle on North Limestone over the weekend.

“How could someone drive off after causing that kind of harm to somebody? But whatever motive they had, who knows. I mean my hearts for john’s family because he’s not there anymore,” said Adam Drye.

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Adam Drye is a co-owner of Broomwagon Bikes off North Limestone, just a few blocks away from where police say 47-year-old John Oliver was hit and killed while riding his bike early Saturday morning.

“As a cyclist that is something you always worry about in the back of your head that someone could at any point and time just swerve their car over and take you out and then drive off,” said Drye.

Drye says he didn’t know Oliver personally but has witnessed problems with drivers on this road.

“This corridor people treat as though it’s a, like a state road that is meant to be used to get out of own fast and it’s not. It’s a business and residential district,” said Drye.

The section of North Limestone where Oliver was hit is actually already one of the places the city of Lexingon plans to put in new bike lanes something the cyclists here tell me they hope will help avoid situations like this one.

“The city has done an amazing, amazing work as far as bicycle infrastructure. I mean the past ten years have shown just a ton of growth,” said Drye.

But the driver who hit Oliver has not come forward, something Drye says he can’t imagine having to live with.

“I can only assume that the guilt that’s inside of them for murdering somebody with their car is torture,” said Drye.

Police ask anyone with information on the hit and run contact Lexington PD.