McGrath Barr race attracting international attention


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- You’ve seen the political ads dominating the airwaves, particularly those in the 6th district congressional race between incumbent republican, Andy Barr, and democratic challenger, Amy McGrath. They’re now making international headlines.

When ABC 36’s Veronica Jean Seltzer talked to Barr Thursday, journalists from Canada and Germany were there too.

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Several political analysts say this race is more about President Trump than it is about Barr or McGrath.

Even Representative Barr said Thursday the 6th district is representative of the entire country because it’s ideologically diverse. Who voters pick here could show how they feel about the president.

Wednesday, a New York Times article focused on this district, particularly the strategies its candidates are using in campaign ads.

Some say Barr’s ads focus on his opponent with a negative tone.

Amy McGrath says she’s taking a different strategy, using ads that sometimes throw a jab at Barr, but with a different tone.

“One of the things i think our country needs is a re-framing of politics. I want to be a candidate who’s different. I don’t want to just be the same type of candidate we see over and over again who’s going to divide our country even more,” McGrath said.

Congressman Barr says his campaign has put out at least seven positive ads, including several that feature constituents he has helped, and one in which he explains benefits of the tax cuts he voted for.

“It’s also fair and legitimate that when she’s in Hollywood with her donors that my constituents hear what she’s saying in her own words, which is that it’s not necessarily about Kentucky. To me, it’s all about Kentucky so there’s a big difference between me and my opponent. Some people call them negative ads. I call them ads that feature my opponent in her own words,” Barr said.

Amy McGrath and others say her words have been taken out of context.

What’s important here are the issues.

McGrath says her number one focus is health care because it’s what people in the district tell her they’re most worried about.

Barr says he wants to continue rebuilding an economy that works for everyone.He says he thinks it could unite the country more than anything else.