Lawsuit accuses Fayette County Coroner of Sexual Harassment


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A lawsuit by former Fayette County Deputy Coroner Melissa Neale accuses Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn of sexual harassment.

The lawsuit says the abuse began after she joined the coroner’s office in 2015.

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Here’s what the lawsuit claims:

  • Neale claims Ginn grabbed her backside to “help” her climb down a ladder at a death scene.
  • Ginn would make sexist and crude jokes and comments in front of Neale and other female employees.
  • During education courses with cadavers, Ginn would ask female instructors in front of the students whether she had reviewed the “bulge in the pants” of male cadavers.
  • Ginn would constantly make comments about newswomen in regards to their breasts and backsides, or what “their lips were good for.”
  • Neale was forced to sit quietly while Ginn would grab himself while speaking to Neale about her job.
  • Ginn would routinely talk about strip clubs and acts strippers performed on male employees.

The city of Lexington is also named in the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims Neale met with a LFUCG council member who was a member of the Ethics Committee. It says Neale was informed that nothing could be done by the committee because Ginn was an elected official.

WTVQ reached out to the coroner and his attorney for comment. They did not return WTVQ’s calls.

Ginn denies the claims and says he “acted in a good faith and lawful manner,” while demanding the case be dismissed.

The city says it can’t comment on lawsuits.