Disabled woman says her customized bike was stolen


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ)- A disabled woman is seeking justice after she says her customized bicycle was stolen.

Amy Krome’s disability confines her to a wheelchair most of the time.

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“I have what they call cerebral palsy where my legs and my fine motor skills is affected,” said Krome.

But two years ago Krome got this customized bike.

“It was made so I could ride it, so I could be able to use my legs to peddle the bike,” said Krome.

Krome uses the bike not only for exercise but also to participate in the annual Soldiers’ Angels charity race.

“24 miles over two days to raise money,” said Krome.

But then Monday morning everything changed.

“I just happened to look over and notice there’s no bike,” said Reginal Ferguson, Krome’s caregiver.

Krome says all that was left was the bike lock that had been cut.

“When I learned that some had decided to steal my bicycle I screamed,” said Krome.

Krome says the bike cost more than $2,000.

“Now that I don’t have that bike I don’t know what I’m going to do,” said Krome.

The one thing Krome does know is what she wants to say to the person who stole it.

“That was my bike. Mine. Not yours. You took the one thing, one thing in my life that gives me the ability to do something, to be just like everyone else,” said Krome.