Clark County dealing with rise in parvovirus cases


CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Clark County Animal Shelter says there has been an uptick in parvovirus cases in the county and it needs donations to help deal with it.

“We have had a huge increase in the number of dogs we have been seeing with parvovirus,” the shelter says on its Facebook page. “It seems that once it started it just hasn’t stopped.”

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The shelter goes on to say a man surrendered his dog after it was diagnosed with parvovirus because he could not afford the veterinary bill.

“Instead of putting her out on the side of the road like so many others or taking her home to watch her suffer and eventually pass, this young man reached out for help and surrendered the dog to us so she could get what she needed,” the shelter posted.

The shelter says the dog, Marlow, is showing improvement.

The shelter is encouraging pet owners to get their animals vaccinated against parvovirus.