Report: Seven Fayette County schools need “comprehensive support and intervention”

Emmanuel "Manny" Caulk (Photo Courtesy:

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — According to new accountability data released by Kentucky’s Department of Education, seven Fayette County schools need comprehensive changes to improve student achievement, along with 25 schools which need “targeted” intervention.

The seven schools that they say are in need of “comprehensive” intervention are all elementary schools. They are: Arlington, Coventry Oak, Harrison, Mary Todd, Millcreek, William Wells Brown, and Yates.

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According to a statement from Superintendent Manny Caulk, the School Based Decision Making councils at these seven schools will now serve in an advisory capacity, with their former role being taken over by the superintendent.

According to Manny Caulk, this type of change is only possible through new accountability legislation, supported by the federal Every Child Succeeds Act and laid out in Kentucky’s Consolidated State Plan, which was federally approved back in May.

The state accountability data also identified 25 Fayette County schools in need of “targeted” intervention, which pertains to specific groups of students.

According to Superintendent Caulk, the most frequent groups identified for extra attention were students with disabilities, ESL students, and students of color.

Superintendent Caulk says “our district will make the most of the opportunities afforded under the new laws to intervene aggressively and intentionally to do transformative work.”

He says that will include extra resources for schools marked for intervention, including leadership coaches, professional learning, learning support, and permanent substitute teachers.